What Style of Magnetic Lash is Best for me


Girls, I get it. Sometimes choosing the right lash is hard! You want them to look amazing, fit properly and feel good. And when you don't have them in your hands it can be hard to make a decision. So, if you haven't already, check out the options below to find out what style we would recommend. 


The Daily Witch - Magnetic Lash

Magnetic Lashes, Everyday Witch


This is our most popular lash, and best magnetic lash for beginners. It gives a little volume, and length, but by far what makes this lash so special is the beautifully tapered ends. They have won many compliments because they look just like the natural lashes everyone wants! If you plan to wear lashes on a daily basis, these go really well and you can customize them to have the perfect amount of volume to suit your style.

The Daily Witch Magnetic Lash lasts all day when warn because there are 3 tiny magnets holding them on to your natural lashes. Now, why do we use 3 magnets? Because it ensures grip on the inside and outside corners of your lashes, so you don’t end up looking like Cruella halfway through a party! The third magnet stabilizes the lash so there is no movement, which of-course means a long-lasting application. So, wear these on a hot date, to the beach with friends or while taking over the world, they’ve got you covered.



The Flirty Witch - Magnetic Lash


Gorgeously slender strands of Witchy Silk are woven to make the perfectly flirty magnetic lash. The hairs are tall and straight with a subtle flair towards the outside of the lash. It gives a playful look that can easily be warn day or night. Think music festivals, house parties and special occasions.

Our magnetic lash range can also be applied over eyelash extensions, so if you don’t want to give up your dailies the Flirty lash makes for a fun change. Be sure to remove your lashes by using your thumb and index finder, using a sliding motion. This will keep your natural lashes and extensions healthy and keep your Witchy Lashes in good shape.



The Dramatic Witch - Magnetic Lash

Magnetic Lash - The Dramatic Witch - Witchy Lashes

If you love your lashes big, with lots of thick, gorgeous volume then the Dramatic Witch is your match made in heaven. These are perfect for the seasoned lash wearer. The lash is slightly longer than our other styles, so, if you have a bigger-eyes this lash has got your lids baked up! Our lashes work on most eye types because of their proportions, but the Dramatic witch is specifically designed for larger eyes. It provides full lash line coverage and gorgeous volume.

The Dramatic Witch Magnetic Lashes are also customize-able, so you can tone down the volume if it suits you. We are creating customization tutorials that will show you lots of different ways to wear your lashes. To see them first, join the Witchy Tribe by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.