How do Magnetic Lashes Work?

If you're new to magnetic lashes or you just want a little more clarification on how our products perform, you are in the right place! Magnetic lashes are a fantastic alternative to glue on lashes, they provide a quick and easy way to apply lashes and upgrade your make-up game. Even if you are a complete lash novice, you'll love the freedom magnetic lashes offers. 


What you'll need to get started

  1. A set of your favourite Magnetic Lashes
  2. Our 16-Hour Hold Magnetic Liner & Cleansing Soak


Applying your lashes

This is the fun part! No more crying over the sink because you "just can't get the lash to stick right!!", you're in complete control here. 

  1. Apply a coat of Magnetic Liner
  2. Let it set for 60 Seconds (or so)
  3. Pop your lash on & adjust to your hearts content


That is it, your lashes will set over the next 15 minutes and you'll be heading out with a whole new vibe & smoking hot eyes. 

Not so good with liquid liner? No problems! We have the perfect beginners brush, it's the right size and shape for applying a thin line of liner with abslute precision. You can grab everything you need for the perfect application, along with our 2 best selling beginners lashes here.