How to Apply & Remove Lashes



These Lashes are so easy to apply, it really is Witchy! Check out our application page for instructions and a video that shows you exactly how easy it is to apply these gorgeous lashes. 


1. Apply your liner

2. Wait 60 Seconds

3. Snap your lashes into place! Witchy...

How do you remove our Magnetic Eyeliner?


With our Cleansing Oil of-course! Our magnetic liner is the best on the market because it has the strongest and longest hold time. Water and makep-up remover is no match for it, so we have developed its very own kryptonite, Geranium Cleansing Oil. 


Once you have removed your lashes, apply the oil over your lids and leave it to soak for a minute. Using your fingertips, give your eyes a much needed massage and the oil will magically break down your liner. You can now was your face and remove the rest of your makeup with either a make-up remover or your regular face wash. 


The best part about our specially developed formula is that it nourishes your lashes and adds moisture to keep them strong and shiny, it leaves the skin around your eyes feeling soft and nourished too! 


Our cleaning oil contains no harsh chemicals and is derived from all natural ingredients. Made in Australia from Australian Ingredients. 


Check out our video on cleaning your lashes here: