How to Shop

Not so sure where to start or what to add to your cart?

If this is the start of your Magnetic Eyalash Journey, then these tips will help you get started.

You will need A Magnetic Liner, Cleansing oil and any Pair of lashes to get started. 

Everyday Lashes

These are our newbie friendly lashes, if you want a little extra lash while looking more natural then this is a great collection to start with. 


Accent Lashes

You may not be familiar with the accent lsh but don't let that stop you from exploring them. A shorter lash usually applied to the outer corner of the eye only. If you're not that great with liner, these are a great way to start!


Semi-Dramatic Lashes

These lashes are more dramatic than our everyday range, but if you love bigger lashes then this is a great place to start.

Dramatic Lashes

Big lashes for big personalities! If your motto is the bigger, the better, this is the range you'll want to browse. 



The above categories are our permanent range of lashes, but every now and again we bring out special limited quantity lashes. These lashes are availible until sold out only. Its a great way for you to get some one of a kind lashes, or add to your Witchy Lashes collection. 



Eye Sizes:

If you have smaller eyes, lashes will appear more dramatic on you. If you prefer a very natural look, we suggest choosing lashes from the smaller end of the spectrum. 

Someone with larger eyes or longer lashes may find that the everyday style lashes don't have a very dramatic effect. Because your eyes are proportionally larger, you could do well when chooseing a more dramatic style. 

For more specific reccomendations read this guide