Removing your Liner


Witchy Lashes Magnetic Liner has a bonding power like no other liner. It's made to stay securely on your lids all day long, so that your lashes can stay in place no matter your activities. Whilst the liner is strong, removal is easy when you follow these steps.

  • Remove your lashes.
  • Squeeze one pump of your Witchy Lashes cleansing oil on to your fingers. 
  • Use the oil and your finger tips, to gently massage your lids.
  • Do this for 2 minutes to help the oil break down the liner. Whilst you are doing this the oil is moisturising your natural lashes and your delicate eye area. Please note, The oil will not remove the liner on its own, it simply softens the liner so that it's easier to remove with your normal make-up remover.
  • Now that you've had a little beauty massage, you can use a make-up remover wipe to remove your eye makeup. 
Have you got naturally dense lashes? You can use a Q-tip soaked in some oil or waterproof make-up remover to soften and liner that may be stuck in your lashes. Once softened, wipe the liner away with the tip.

    Because your eye area is so delicate, it is really important not to use things like toilet paper, face washers or harsh removers on your eye area. Allowing a little time for removal will ensure you are left fresh faced with beautiful and glowing skin. 


    Our Cleansing Oil

    You'll find our locally produced oil deeply nourishing. We know that after a long day, nothing feels as good as replenishing your skin. We created our Oil to mimic your skin's sebum levels, so it won't alter your skin's natural oil content while it breaks away your magnetic liner and nourishes. 

    Our Geranium cleansing oil contains geranium oil, imported from Egypt. Geranium is said to be beneficial for hair growth and beautifying your skin. 

    If you have sensitive skin, you may wish to stick to our Cleansing Oil for sensitive skin. This oil will have the same nourishing effect and remove your liner just as efficiently. 

    You can purchase our cleansing oils here.