Removing your Magnetic Lashes

There's no need to cast spells to remove your magnetic lashes! Removal is quick and painless, and will leave your natural lashes in great condition. 


Removing the Lashes

Starting from the inner corner, lift the lash and gently pull it away from your lid. Pop the lashes back in their case. 


Removing the Liner

Removal for the liner will differ depending on the remover that you are using. For our Magnetic Range we highly recommend using our new Cleansing Balm. You can also use our Soak Off Oil


Cleansing Balm

Pop open the tin and rub some of the product onto your fingers, make sure you grab a good amount of product. Rub it over your eye area, applying light pressure over your liner and between your lashes. 

Grab a warm face cloth or make-up remover pad, and remove the product. Your liner and eye-makeup should be completely removed. 

Cleansing Soak Off Oil

This is a natural remover with no added chemicals. To remove your liner, you will have to allow some time for soaking. Apply one squirt of the product onto each eye and gently rub over the liner and between your lashes. 

Allow the oil to sit for 5 mins, then gently rub over the liner with your finger tips to dislodge. 

You can now use any gentle cleanser to remove the residue and liner. This oil leaves your lashes feeling nourished and your skin feeling perfectly moisturised.